Even in what has been tried and tested, you can achieve improvements!

1 360 Classic assessment

We offer a fully automated 360 personnel assessment service

well-known 360 employee assessment can be a very cumbersome and time-consuming solution if it is not automated.

  • Our questionaires take significantly less time
  • Process results instantly and in detail
  • It's anonymous
Finally, you get a detailed report with a list of estimated employee competencies in the context of:
  • Peer review
  • Appraisal of subordinates
  • Executive assessment
  • Self-appraisal
Sample report

Flexible settings

The report can be filled with your corporate competencies

  • You can set your questionaire parameters, enter competencies for appraisal into the system to optimize your 360 report to your needs.
  • The system will consider and visualize all your parameters.
  • The report allows you to make accurate personnel decisions and can be used in personnel appraisal for employee development through coaching.
Multilingual version

2 360 DISC system

Is DISC employee assessment valid?

Individual personal DISC questionnaire allows you to measure the behaviors and competencies of employees with precision via autoassessment. Involvement of colleagues, subordinates or managers is not required to obtain valid results.


This information is more complete than what we can get by applying the classic 360 method. A comparison of natural and adapted human behavior yields a lot of useful information in the context of the degree and direction of adaptation, possible causes of emotional discomfort, correct understanding of work priorities.

The classic approach allows you to collect the opinions of others about a particular employee, albeit averaged.

360 DISC Method goes further

It’s the most serious coaching
and team building tool.

Anastasia Ruzhinskaya

ISUNRISE Inc. Manager

DISC measures 2 behavior styles
  • Natural

    what we are least aware of

  • Adapted


Conditions for conducting 360 DISC method

  • Teams up to 10 people

    The team ideally should not be very large —
    up to 10 people.

  • Manager = subordinate

    It’s best if of the leader participates on an equal footing
    with subordinates.

  • Experienced moderator

    You should have an experienced moderator
    and voluntary consent of all participants.

  • You need to have your own individual report

    Each participant should undergo DISC assessment and have their own individual report, which forms the basis for collaboration.

  • > 2 hours

    The session is held for several hours and a whole day, depending on the depth of study, the presence and degree of conflicts in the team.

Learn about yourself and get to know others in their best light

Purpose of 360 DISC method

Brief description of the method

  • 1

    Participants sit in a circle, taking turns to get into the general circle of attention.

  • 2

    Using their individual DISC report, each participant reports on their traits, strengths and limitations, shares information they are ready to reveal.

  • 3

    In addition, participants inform colleagues how best to communicate with them and what should be avoided. DISC reports help you formulate phrases in a very clear and understandable way.


In the process of how one participant, in turn, shares information about themselves, colleagues give feedback, both positive and those requiring development using specific examples. This allows you to expand the list of ineffective traits recorded by the moderator and form the basis of a development Plan (Personal Development Plan).

The moderator’s job is an extremely delicate one. A DISC 360 event should be held without mutual insults and accusations and with maximum benefit for all!

Often, a 360 Disc event includes additional team-building sessions and practical exercises.

All participants are on an equal footing, revealing their cards to each other!

The convenience of DISC reports, the sensitive and simple format of presenting information cancels out deliberate objections of those not ready to talk about themselves. The participation of all team members also contributes to better communication. Without a doubt, the language of observed DISC behavior, knowledge of its basics allows you to unlock the potential of each participant and show more clearly talents and strengths to colleagues and the immediate supervisor.

What result do we get?

In addition to the unique benefits for everyone, it creates a powerful team-building effect for all participants.
Development plan
At the end of a session, using the same individual reports and information recorded in the session an Individual Development Plan for each participant is created. A Development plan is a contract that everyone enters into with themselves of their own free will!
Understanding DISC communication language
Knowledge of DISC language opens up what we are trying to conceal, because our behavior speaks for itself.
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