If you are on this page, then you have questions.

Most likely, we have answers to them, and we can help you.


Where do I start?

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How do I study the terms of cooperation?

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Send us an application to make a check against robots) with a detailed description of your vision of affiliation. Ask questions. We will contact you within two days if you are a Russian Federation resident and within 5 days if you have provided reliable contacts.

We reserve the right not to reply to an email if it appears to be irrelevant or if the contact information you provide is not active.

How do I become a distributor of INSUNRISE ® products?

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How do I enter the admin panel?

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What should I do if I lose my ASDI® administrative login password?

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Write to us and we will assign a new password if you are an ASDI system user or use the recover password service.

Where do I enter the access key to complete the questionnaire?

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Do you already have the ASDI access key?

Then fill a DISC INSUNRISE questionnaire:

  • Please click on the Corporate testing link if you have received an access key from your employer

  • Please follow the Private testing link, if you have received the access key as a private person

What reports will we receive?

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ASDI generates a variety of electronic report types measuring behavioral styles and up to 200 competencies. You can learn more about sample reports in ознакомиться в разделе the Report Package section.

  • Contact us to find out the terms of affiliation.

  • If you are already our client, we will be happy to clarify any information you are interested in. Just email or call us. See Contacts section.

  • If you are a private individual, you can find the answer to your question by clicking on the link page for individuals.

Do I need to fill out different questionnaires to get different types of reports?

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Indeed, ASDI does have different questionnaires for the different purposes in the system.

  • DISC individual questionnaire is designed to measure individual behavior styles.

  • A description of Job Profiles and further comparison with employee profiles (Benchmark) is provided in the DISC Job Profile questionnaire.

Based on these questionnaires, the ASDI system is able to generate an extensive range of analytical development reports.

How to restrict access to the system only from corporate computers?

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Contact us and we wil help you to resolve this issue. This may not be necessary because the assessment process is protected by multiple security protocols. Attackers will NOT be able to get reports bypassing the corporate administrator. The option to set up automatic sending of a particular version of reports is the prerogative of your company’s authorized person. Respondents only have access to INSUNRISE questionnaires with randomly generated one-off individual access keys.

INSUNRISE® privacy policy

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How much does INSUNRISE® assessment cost?

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The cost of assessment depends on the tools you use and the content of the report – conclusions you require.

For more information, please contact us directly or our representatives in your area.

How much is the ASDI® system subscription fee?

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There is no subscription fee for our customers. All funds are credited to your account for their intended use.

Who do you want to take assessment test for?
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