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The simpler the interaction scheme, the faster business goals are achieved.





Interaction scheme

We simplify the scheme of interaction from the first conversation to the beginning of actual work.

  • 1
    Enter into a standard Contract
  • 2
    Decide how much you want to credit to your account
  • 3
    Start work

Please note that you determine the size of the investment. All funds are fully credited to your account.

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Project your investment based on statistics!

We have transparent pricing. You will always be able to download statements in the ASDI® interface and be aware of usage statistics and predict further usage.

We suggest that you treat assessment of your employees not as a cost, but as an investment. You should get more profit than you initially invested!


You determine the cost of the project

Refer to DISC INSUNRISE report Designer

You are ready to work with DISC!

Our psychometric instruments are a finished product. Despite the multitasking and complexity of reports, they can be fully used without special training. The information is presented most intelligibly and visualized in  understandable graphs and scales.

INSUNRISE® is a developer of tools based on DISC methodology. We provide a full cycle of consultations, certifications and expert training.

Safe as a Swiss Bank

Working with us, you can be sure of confidentiality and the most caring attitude to information confidentiality.

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