Team building and conflict management

A team is made up of individuals! A strong team can achieve a lot.


Let's think over what a recipe for a strong team would be like

  • 1

    Should a team necessarily consist of champions in order to win?

  • 2

    Which team is more effective: one made up of people of similar or different behaviorial styles?

In our opinion, a Team is a synergy of combined forces of people who together can do more than each can individually. A team consisting exclusively of individualists loses a sense of unification for the sake of higher results!

Once, an Italian not without bitterness noticed:
— «We haven’t won a single war since the Roman Empire, because everyone is a hero while together we are not able to win!»


No doubt, it is necessary to bet on a compromise structure of players where individualist — heroes are balanced with team players and performers in a proportion commensurate with tasks and the organization or division’s stage of development. There are potentially fewer conflicts between people with similar attitudes and behaviors. The reverse is also true. If a team is made up of people with differing behavior styles, you will be able to accomplish a range of objectives!
Although a team of similar people has potentially less conflict, it will only be able to accomplish a narrow range of objectives compared to the individual competencies of its members.

We believe that a team of people with similar behaviors is acceptable as a project team. For an organization as a whole, without a doubt, a team consisting of multitasking employees is more promising. You only need to decide how to reduce potential conflicts between people with different behaviorial styles.

All the same, any progressive change starts with understanding!

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Language of communication DISC
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  • How to build a better team?

  • How to assign team roles?

  • How to rally and motivate different people?

  • How to avoid unnecessary conflicts?

  • How to achieve unprecedented performance with the same people
    by waking up their talents?

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Team bilbing on DISC is a completely outstanding experience that allows you to personally experience the effect of comfortable, effective interaction with colleagues. Discoveries are waiting for you, and you can take a fresh look at those you have known for a long time! You will have a resource for better work, because you no longer have to spend energy on unproductive interaction or conflicts!

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