Personnel reserve

The willingness to work on creating a reserve of promising employees indicates a company’s level of development, its confidence in its future and that this is what it cares about.


Taking care of the personnel reserve is useful and promising for ALL organizations, regardless of size, availability or lack of resources, or ambitions!

And you can be sure that every developing company sooner or later faces the need to identify talents and develop them.

A principle motivating distribution of future roles

A personnel reserve may include new, young,
and veteran employees.

Correct forecasting of an employee's role and meaningful preparation for it should contribute to achieving this in the future, as a specialist, and, as a result, bring benefits to the organization.

The main thing is to follow the principle

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The main thing
is to follow
the principle


DISC INSUNRISE method proves convincingly that an employee will bring maximum benefit and will be able to prove himself or herself when their behavior profile meets criteria formulated for the targeted Position.

Alexsei Bryukhov

ISUNRISE Inc. Founder


The hiring process, «maturation» and promoting deserving staff begins with understanding employees:

  • Personal emotional preferences, knowledge needed to accumulate for better returns

  • Achievements and professional success

Important to realize
The best way to success is when you have a voluntary correlation between an employee and the job they have been assigned to do

DISC Method

We recommend carrying out diagnostics of applicants, employees and positions using the unified DISC method to identify and realize talent

Personnel Reserve algorithm

The development of key criteria
in Position Description (DISC Job Profiling)


Applicant and Employee Appraisal
(DISC Profiling questionnaires)


Comparative analysis of Job Profiles
and Employees (Job Benchmark)


Development plan for employee growth
in the organization

Feedback on using DISC method


Possible rotation of existing staff

Rotation based on personal traits


Conducting re-assessment (DISC Profiling)

In order to monitor and adjust development of Personnel reserve


Jewellery scale approach


Achieve a productive match between a unique person and a specific position in your organization!


This chemistry is achievable through application of the finest DISC INSUNRISE assessment tools.

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Our tools are part of a reliable and consistent recruitment and selection process providing a clear picture of:

  • Behavior
  • Strengths
  • Competencies
  • Development areas
  • Motivators
  • Employee performance
  • Emotional preferences
staff staff

Our best practices give a success probability of 92%

Meet the most demanding requirements of managers as well as international standards in the largest companies, including recruitment agencies.

Our clients

Companies looking for employees

Encouraging «Self-Management» at all levels.

If not me, no one will

Ownership psychology is highly desirable!

Conducting assessment using DISC INSUNRISE method and further individualized work with employees develops a proactive attitude to work.

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