Assessment System DISC INSUNRISE®  — is a progressive system of complex HR solutions, employing cutting-edge technologies and tools. You can access the Insunrise ASDI Program 24/7 wherever in the world you are.


What we Evaluate

Based on the DISC behavioral model, the ASDI System evaluates behavior and observable emotions. In simple terms, when we evaluate human behavior, among others, we provide the answer to the question  — How will a particular individual behave under certain circumstances?

De facto, behavior is an extremely complex category including multiple characteristics that lead to career and life success. We suggest starting the optimization process being armed with accurate data.

The ASDI® uses a wide range of various assessment methods. However, the core is the DISC Method.



Explore up to 200 Professional Competences to Find Talents

Our research shows that out of 100% professional competences of employees from almost any business field about 80% falls under the category of behavior competences (i.e. soft skills).

It is much more complicated to work on these skills compared to the so-called “technical” skills (i.e. hard skills). The reason for this is that behavior competences for the most part are the outcome of natural, less conscious behavior which is linked to human neural activity and often remains subconscious.

Technical skills, which constitute only 20% of professional competences lie within the conscious realm and are an easy target for development. Many companies often foster only this type of skills with a false presupposition that the remaining behavioral parameters (80%) suit the needs of their company.


Build your Reports on the Basis of 40 Themed Chapters

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The ASDI System evaluates and catalogizes unique behavioral traits of individuals, which allows to avoid undesirable or wrong actions in regard to co-workers, family or team members, in collaboration between executives and subordinate workers.

We have worked out a wide range of unique practically-applicable tools and training programs, which trigger transformation at the level of particular people and entire organizations.

The ASDI Assessment System based on the DISC Behavior Model developed by William Moulton Marston underlies all solutions, which we offer to our clients.

4 Factors of Behavior

The ASDI employs 4 factors of behavior – D.I.S.C. – and all their possible combinations to measure the degree of each factor’s manifestation in an individual’s behavior. This provides a unique opportunity “to take a picture” of a person’s behavior and measure thousands of possible combinations of these factors, i.e. to display individual behavioral traits with maximal objectivity.


Assessment ≠ Benchmarking. No stress

The word “assessment” implies a neutral, impartial evaluation. The DISC Method measures employees’ competences, but does not provide an appraisal on the scale from good to bad.

DISC is not a Test!

DISC tools in cooperation with ASDI System produce a detailed report on an individual’s behavior profile including information on his or her strengths, limitations, motivators, manner of decision-making and communication, dealing with company procedures etc.

Every Person Possesses Strengths and Limitations

The INSUNRISE Psychometrix Inc.. technologies are aimed at talent digging, assessment and development of skills, as well as unlocking the potential of people and organizations.

The ASDI is a flexible structure, which helps company executives, managers, workers and private users get a better grasp of their own character, find optimal solutions and best ways of communicating with people, while advancing one’s own efficiency.

ЭAn Up-Scale Business Tool is Available to You 24/7

The field of the ASDI efficiency goes beyond corporate interests and affects people’s lives outside offices. A better understanding of one’s own nature and the nature of surrounding people offers astonishing perspectives and minimizes pointless conflicts.

We claim that only conscious aspects of our personalities are subjects to quality transformation!

Your Personal Benefit

  • You will get clear, tangible and visible results and instructions on how to cooperate with particular individuals and entire teams.

  • You will gain a unique opportunity to raise the level of your employees’ conscientiousness and coordinate their actions with the course of your business development strategy.

  • You will be able to observe the transformation of your employees’ attitude to work and each other.

  • The INSURISE solutions give you a chance to build a system of collaboration with the key asset of any organization – human resources – and use it to achieve the desired results.

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