DISC based  Trainings

DISC — is a language of live communication and  observable behavior  used consciously or unconsciously by all people.

For this reason the DISC method should not  be limited to matters of   assessment, evaluation, recruitment or generation the most conclusive and  valid reports.


You can gain a successful, conscientious and sound command of the DISC language  here!
The behavioral styles of other people may become an open book to you.

Your own behavioral style

No matter how authentic and distinctive our style of behavior is, it is at the same time object of observation for surrounding us people. It is in way our business card. We inevitably demonstrate it to others.

For example, the characteristics «reserved» is highly self-explanatory and  observable. Whereas, the characteristics «unpredictable» — becomes a factor of predictability in the  behavior of our conversation partner.


Understanding of one’s own behavioral style and  ability to read the styles of others distinguishes an apt communicator.

training training

On  the other hand, naturally strong communicative skills do not guarantee successful communication

The plots of numerous films and books are based on   the oppositeness of people’s temperaments and  dramedy of their communication.

Every one of  us faces lots of communicative experiences every day! But  for the most part, we  do not even come close to  the really efficient ways of communicating. If not  you  you personally than  many people around you stubbornly stick to their habitual behavioral style, being reluctant to  depart their comfort zone, which reduces their chances to understand others and be understood.

Its  Majesty Communication determines the majority of processes in any organization.
To have control over communication — means to have a grasp of the key processes in your organization.

Learn how to use the HR-tool that  you have at your disposal and  share your knowledge with others.

The DISC Method Application

The training strategy may be chosen depending on  the subject you are interested in or your business requirements. The topics for trainings and consultations are very diverse and correlate to the areas of DISC method application.

Strategic Planning
Conflict Avoidance
Candidates Pool

It inspires us a lot and makes even more enthusiastic, when we see that the ideas we promote prove to be efficient on a daily basis and possess great potential. We  constantly observe that our knowledge helps people both in work and private life. For this reason, it is now our mission  — to promote the distribution of the DISC method and other best practices.

About the INSUNRISE Trainings

Our training programs underwent long-term time check and careful selection. Our trainings are unique on the HR-market because:

  • Their authors — were directly  involved in the DISC method development.

  • Trainings are hosted by people, who practice the DISC method on a daily basis in management, sales and educational work.

  • Our programs may be dedicated to highly popular topics. However, it is the scientifically-based DISC method serving as foundation to all our trainings that allows to translate theoretical knowledge into practically applicable HR-tools employed by TOP 500 companies.

We often adapt our programs and develop new ones.

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