Hiring and induction of personnel with DISC method

Good specialists are few and far between. Ideal ones you could count on one hand.


We reveal strengths
of each

We have a clear and non-trivial answer as to how to best use the potential of employees, motivate them to show their strongest competencies against what a particular company is trying to achieve.

It offers one of the most reliable, accurate and popular technologies in the world, used in the hiring, employee induction and in creating a personnel reserve:

INSUNRISE Psychometrix Inc. has developed special questionnaires to diagnose traits of existing employees and applicants for positions in conjunction with a detailed study of job profiles.

How it works

Selection in 3 stages:

  • 1

    Create objective criteria: DISC job profile

  • 2

    Measure employee competence (assessment of employee/applicant)

  • 3

    Apply criteria to employees/job seekers (suitability, areas of development, potential)

More and more companies hire staff off their own bat. However, recruiting is often based on the intuition of recruiters, who are often themselves HRs or business owners.

Also, job decriptions are often created based on expectations of employers and formulated in terms different from those used to appraise applicants.


Job position mismatch

We offer a method that can nullify errors in hiring
that can be so expensive for companies

First, decide on the approach to the question
and the tools you use!

If we summarize best practice in recruitment and staff rotation,
it should be expressed succinctly, in a few convincing algorithms:

Use professional tools!

Thus will you avoid subjective judgments and common mistakes and ineffective stereotypes in hiring


Use integrated criteria to create a  job profile and job description!

Compare like with like!


Avoid subjectivity in job descriptions!

  • It is important, so as to be objective, to make a description of a position based on realities of your company, with the involvement of several specialists familiar with the position, but disinterested in obtaining or maintaining it. This is how DISC Job Profile questionnaire works.

  • Profile creators should not just make up and invent stuff off their own bat. If you lay down the right underlying methodological criteria beforehand, then the questionnaire will be accurate. Hence, has the INSUNRISE DISC Benchmark questionnaire been specially developed and is used by the largest recruitment companies.


Prioritize and demand!

Employers are always tempted to maximize Position requirements to create super soldiers! Our studies prove convincingly that it is better to bet on a person’s dominants, that is, on those qualities that are best developed already in behaviour rather than focusing on what is underdeveloped. A conditional universal Position profile can contain several internal inconsistencies that lead to inefficiency.

 proper Position Profile is a carefully selected set of required competencies in mathematically defined levels of expression. The list, correlated with the job requirements in a particular organization, can serve as criteria and benchmarks to appraise applicants.


Focus on an employee’s natural profile,
not their masks.

During an interview, we see the applicant in an unnatural situation. They try to show themselves at their best, adapting to conventions with displays of courtesy or other qualities that seem most appropriate to the situation, thereby showing us their Adaptated behaviors. However, within a month or two after being taken on, since masks cannot be worn all the time, we will see the person’s true nature.

INSUNRISE ® tools allow you to recognize accurately a potential employee’s natural style at the application stage!

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