For INSUNRISE Inc partners

The INSUNRISE international community includes consultants and professionals in the areas of recruitment, staff development, coaching, and communications. These are people seeking to use the best experience to resolve a variety of issues with a specific person at the heart of it all. You can become one of them.

Our doors are open! Welcome!


Count on the fact that you will make a profit, doing a benevolent and useful thing that can change the lives of others for the better!

We have for you:

  • A finished product

    Those who want to better understand themselves, to know their potential, their limitations, psychological needs, to outline a development plan.

  • Personal information support

    The INSUNRISE team will support your becoming part of our community, better understand the potential of our tools and increase your income.

  • The world's best techniques from the developer

  • Strategic vision

    Market and trends

  • Sound contractual solutions for your customers

  • Ready-made distribution schemes

Perfect for


Future partners

If you are ready to become an INSUNRISE authorized partner, to commit yourself exclusively to the representation of our products and solutions


INSUNRISE Representatives, Consultants and Resellers

If you want to represent a company whose business involves the use of assessment tools for yourself and your customers, and/or are willing to distribute them as a separate self-sufficient



If you are a private entrepreneur who wants to become our partner and increase your income



If you are a consultant who is looking for reliable tools to help people in life.


Who can become an INSUNRISE dealer

We are open to partnership with experienced organization and those aspiring to develop, we are not indifferent to specialists who see profit as a natural continuation and consequence of interesting, diverse work. Passion largely determines the success of an enterprise.

Priority is given to reliable partnership and family relations between our representatives. We believe that if you are promoting DISC INSUNRISE advanced products and services on your own or as a single business, it will be the key to your gaining maximum benefit!

Dealer tasks

  • To present INSUNRISE products and services in your region at a high professional and informational level, similar to the level of the parent company.

  • Benefit from our own resources providing customers with one of the most advanced assessment technologies available and comprehensive work with people.

  • Actively create demand and attract new customers.

  • Shape the market and demand for the world's best technologies, bringing to customers high standards that will replace archaic and current methods.

  • Facilitate the work of customers in how to use the ASDI program and the Internet Delivery System — IDSTM, our automated reporting system, advising them on all its nuances.

  • Certify and train customers on behalf of and as an authorized representative of INSUNRISE in your area.


Benefits of affiliation

The main competencies and qualities we expect of a dealer:

  • Expertise

  • Loyalty

  • Ability to actively use DISC methodology in sales, communication, consultations

  • Proactivity, self-motivation

  • Decency

Terms of affiliation

If you are interested in strengthening your company, improving productivity, setting corporate standards for effective communication and identifying talented employees, we invite you to explore the power of INSUNRISE's cutting-edge solutions. First, we suggest you contact us or take a free introductory test.

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