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Benefits are in your hands

INSUNRISE Inc. techniques are aimed at enhancing skills and organizational behavior strategies.


The right tool makes a difference!

Ideal ASDI® interface

We have thought through every detail of the ASDI® program specifically for your convenience.

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    It is user-friendly and amazingly convenient

    You have virtually nothing to study in order to make full use of the program. Still you can count on our support when using it.

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    All processes are as automated as possible

    You will be pleasantly surprised by the versatility of the program. We have provided for all your needs in working with the program and we can expand functionality quickly. Should you have suggestions for improvement, write to us.

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    The System is adapted to work with mobile devices

    REPORT DESIGNER is an exclusive feature helping you to create reports tailored to your needs.


Round-the-clock availability wherever you are

You can use modern ASDI® services round-the-clock, wherever you are

No matter where you happen to be, if you have a computer and access to the Internet, you can control your account, download reports, and manage all settings and track movement of funds.

No computer at hand? Fret not. You can also easily and conveniently use the program from your smartphone or tablet.


Maximum process automation

  • As soon as you think that it would be good to have this or that functionality for the system automated, you will find that it has already been provided for.

  • It takes a few seconds after completing the questionnaires to send a report to your address. It only depends on the speed of your Internet connection.

  • ASDI system is designed so that you can configure sending of INSUNRISE reports, invitations to fill in questionnaires, statements, collect
    reports in minutes.

  • Compare employee profiles and positions by combining the information in one INSUNRISE ® report. Analysis is performed accurately and correctly. You will only have to use the findings as intended.





8–12 minutes to fill

It takes only 8–12 minutes to complete a DISC personality questionnaire. This is a record time for reliable and valid tools.


Does not evaluate on a good-bad scale

The information is not evaluative! You will get an objective study of behavior styles with al its traits, strengths, limitations, motivators, individual for each person.


Accurate professional opinion

Employees actually do not have to be distracted from the workflow to undergo appraisal. You get your hands on a very accurate professional conclusion, confirmed by multiple scientific studies.


Immediate results

Be assured that you will get the results immediately, and your administrative access will be constant round-the-clock.

No need to remember anything

You will always find the information you need in the ASDI ® system interface. You will never lose information.

  • Achieve a personal breakthrough with us that is sure to lead you to a breakthrough in your business

  • Pave the way for success with your employees by them getting to know themselves better.

  • Learn how you and people around you work.
    Recognize their traits.

  • Create a roadmap for your development.

Anastasia Ruzhinskaya

ISUNRISE Inc. Manager

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    All data is securely stored in your account

    It is protected by the highest modern security standards.

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    You will receive notifications about filling in questionnaires to your e-mail automatically

    Download statements about actions in the  ASDI ® System at any moment. If you have lost data sent to you, you can always recover it directly from the ASDI ® interface.

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    Measure efficiency

    Measure how effectively you, your team, or your entire organization is performing based on key performance indicators (KPIs).

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    Recognize strengths

    Recognize strengths by digitizing difficult-to-measure categories of behavioral competencies. Find answers to your questions with INSUNRISE ® technology.

What does this mean for you?

Are you interested in knowing what drives you and your employees? Let us tell you about your hidden abilities, talents, and those of people around you.

Our long-term research aims at helping people discover and apply their skills and talents in work and everyday life!


You can observe changes at a more profound level since our techniques work from within.


You will receive approved, precise, systematic instructions and transparent results on communication, management and other application spheres with DISC INSUNRISE technologies.


You have a unique opportunity to set down the principle of conscious, voluntary work from your employees to correlate with your business’ chosen development strategy.


Our professional Assessment Tools mean you can construct systematic work with your personnel even if your company doesn’t have an HR department.


You DON’T NEED to install the system on your computer since you are not paying for that and you can work remotely in your own time.


You have access to the ASDI ® System 24/7 no matter where you are. All you need is a computer and internet access.


ASDI creates comprehensive reports on employees in PDF and sends them instantly to your e-mail automatically.


You save financial, time and human resources with us. It only takes 10–12 minutes to get a nuanced individual employee assessment. Information is presented in a completely accessible and precise manner. This means you avoid making risky mistakes in hiring and allocating personnel.

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