Sales using DISC method is a special process, which, surprisingly, regularly, more or less consciously is what each person does anyway.


We all buy and sell. But who does it better?


We can assert an allegory for all communication: SALES. It doesn’t matter whether we are talking about making a deal or simply exchanging opinions.


Ask yourself who the best salesperson is for you. More than likely you will answer that it is someone like yourself.


There are many well-known sales techniques based on manipulation and tricks. They don’t work for long, until the client’s first disappointment when they realize they’ve been sold what they hadn’t wanted or intended to buy.


Sales are best when based on a client’s voluntary desire to acquire a product or service and only on occasions agreeing to “buy” our pitch.


The way to these kinds of sales is through “CONSCIOUSNESS”. Thus, we can come to an agreement with someone when we actually realize their psychological requirements and sensitive triggers.

Our recommendations:

  • Explore DISC's own behavior style.
  • Learn to recognize and appreciate other people's styles, respect differences.
  • Learn how to adapt your behavior to achieve better results in communication with customers.

A diligent, but uncertain or inexperienced salesperson often focuses on the product or follows blindly the plodding algorithm of the traditional sales scheme, adhering to it to gain confidence. Concentration on the product often leads to loss of attention of the main person in the transaction: the Client.


Awareness of a client's
behavior style

is a resource that allows you to be a leader in transactions.
A sale based on trust yields substantially better results and maintains customer loyalty.
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