Personal DISC expertise

The DISC abbreviation is four factors of behavior existing in each of us in some individual proportion. Our uniqueness is the ratio of all 4-factors of behavior.


Researching organizations begins with personal
appraisal of each individual employee 1


An accurate study

Imagine for a second that you would like to get a study about yourself in the most accurate, understandable, interesting
and accessible form.

What should it be like?

Life is a continuum.
It's immaterial whether we're at work or not.

DISC Method

DISC INSUNRISE ® method is one of the world's most accurate and reliable tools for measuring employee behavior and competencies, backed by fundamental research. Also, it is an ideal way to self-knowledge and development for any concerned person


Find out how it all works!

It will suit you
if you are:

  • An employee

    If you are an Employee, you will be able to use carefully selected information in your INSUNRISE ® reports to better understand your role, come up with a development strategy, and understand your traits, strengths and areas of development.

  • Private person

    If you are an Individual, you have the opportunity to get in touch with one of the most accurate professional methods of human research in the world, which to date has been used mainly at corporate level, for business purposes.

    Information for individuals
  • Leaders

    If you are a Manager, you wil be able to draw complex and very specific conclusions about the usefulness, potential, motivation and development of employees so as to make error-free decisions.


Now that the DISC technique has become available, and it is at your service to help identify your preferences, the best sides and limitations, to formulate for yourself and others the best style of communication, to determine your profession, to draw up an action plan for development and self-realization.

Alexsei Bryukhov

INSUNRISE Psychometrix Inc. Founder

How often should you DISC assess employees?

It is believed that the Natural style of behavior rarely changes following serious life crises.
Therefore, it makes sense to re-assess
in the following cases:
  • 1.5–2 months after the initial assessment and initial induction period
  • 1–3 months after the employee has had a developmental session, coaching, development plan or position induction plan
  • When significant changes occur in someone’s life

Tangible benefits

  • You can download sample reports by clicking on the link.

  • You will get your hands on high-quality, ready-to-use reports even by untrained people: bases for conclusions and decision-making

  • We are happy to consult.

  • For more information, please contact us
    on any of the communication channels.

What are your benefits?

INSUNRISE ® tools are popular because they are practical, accessible, and accurate and give specific questions to your pressing questions.

The effect of using DISC INSUNRISE ® technologies in most cases is computable, that is, it can be translated into numbers.

Alex Bryukhov

INSUNRISE Psychometrix Inc. Founder

Never miss something that really matters!


Pragmatism with results

Using perhaps the most popular technology in the world, you:

  • Reduce costs
  • Get more loyal employees
  • Reduce conflict
  • Manage staff motivation
  • Save on hiring
  • Reduce outgoings
  • Increase sales and profits
  • Get clear answers
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