DISC for individuals

If you are reading this text, then you have already been accepted to the DISC INSUNRISE international club.

Until recently, psychometric tools based on DISC methodology have been available only in the business environment at corporate level, often exclusively for top managers.

We have made elite DISC style behavior reports available for anyone who wants to learn more about themselves.


Get valuable information from the developer!


The report
 — is a professional opinion of a particular person’s individual traits.

They contain information on how to develop and can be extremely useful to a variety of people. All you have to do is choose how INSUNRISE advanced features assessment will be useful to you.

Select one of the categories you are interested in.

Learn about yourself

For newlyweds

Learn and love more

For those choosing a profession

For job seekers

Fathers and children

How to understand each other

Husband and wife


10–15 min.

You have to fill out a special questionnaire.
It takes only 10–15 minutes.


25 pages

Despite the apparent simplicity of the questionnaire, you will receive a detailed report of about 25 pages of only useful, accurate and practical information about yourself and your loved ones.

INSUNRISE reports will be interesting for:

  • Those who want to better understand themselves, to know their potential, their limitations, psychological needs, to outline a Development Plan.
  • People who are looking for their soul mate or want to get to know their companion. For example, newlyweds are great candidates!
  • Parents who want to understand their children better and vice versa.
  • Those choosing a profession and want to determine the scope of activity.
  • People who have already worked in different places and are at a crossroads.
  • Husbands and their wives seeking self-knowledge, wanting to find a better approach to each other to refresh their relationship and finally for fun.

World recognition

We are proud that it is our Company that has popularized tools and solutions based on methodology known since the 20s of the twentieth century, which has received worldwide recognition and is used by major international companies.

You have a special opportunity to access information about yourself and your loved ones, expressed in the most accessible, proper and accurate terms. Now you can definitely raise your self-awareness level!


It’s an ambitious task: to become better, stronger, happier!